Myanmar Advertising (Online Media)

After ending year by year, the world is changing and developing. Among these developments, Information Technology is improving more. Improving technology can give people not only advantages but also disadvantages. Everybody knows the best and the worse always come together. Between good and bad, advertising includes in good one.

There are many forms of advertising. So, the best advertising can keep firmly in their mind. In advertising, it can differ two. They are direct advertising and indirect advertising. Direct way is advertising on TV, Radio and Online Internet. We can call those advertising as advertising on-air. Indirect way is planning flyer and sharing products’ news. Houses that have TV can see advertising. Some are by actor and actress and some are created animation. Some companies hire famous actor and actress to advertise their advertising in order to stand out among other advertisements. It is wonderful director’s idea because he can create the advertisement with colorful, views and sound condition, everything to be fixed systematically. So that, the best advertising will become on the screen.

Marketing OnlineOld people, young people and everyone interests to watch Korea plot. While they watch it, they can see advertising because the advertising appears often after 15 minutes during Korea movies. Their aims want to watch movie. So, they must wait advertising patiently by watching. And then, they will know what advertising and they will be eager to use advertising products practically. Therefore, advertising can effect to company. In the ancient time, there was no TV so people were listening to only the sound. Hence, radio was famous that time. Radio is also a part of online media. It is certain that they can listen to songs, news as well as advertising song. Even children could be singing advertising song by heart because they used to hear it often. A last advertising media is a technique that mostly using and can connect from far places in the short time. We can call it as online internet. Online advertising can be like powerful man because it can directly well know to public right away.

Advertising is created with different kinds of techniques online. For example, if we need women wears, we can see their advertising. They advertise pries of thing, address to buy, images of the things that can please our mind. The EBay website, we can find things that we want to buy.  The size, images, pries can been found and also deliver until home. That is strength by advertising in this website, we can find things easily and comfortably sitting at one place. Other Internet advertising is houses and yard agency, rental car and furniture advertising, etc. Some online advertising are education advertising. In this advertising ,they announce education fees and the abilities of teacher as well as how they will support to student in future.

Today is IT century, so, everyone is using online to be updated. Therefore, online advertising is giving public effectively in the short time. And also it is fastest way to announce everything to public. In my point of view, the aim of advertising is to become knowing things to people who don’t know before. If you like to find out more please visit